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Ricardo Magalhães Osteopath

If you’re in pain or injured, I can help you

I help people understand and improve their pain, discomfort and disability. My main way of working is through manual therapy and education. I also intervene in the area of exercise and training as a complement.

What can you expect?

A person passionate about Osteopathy and the benefits it can bring to anyones life.

My biggest goals and objectives are to be able to provide you with a better quality of life whether you are regular at sports or not. My consultations  are aimed at any age from the youngest to adults.

I believe that understanding the reasons for the existing pain and learning the best management for it are the main tools to solve it. I adapt all of my strategies to your reality with manual therapy, exercise and education.

Some of my intervention areas


I help you to understand it, manage it and to solve it.


One of the most important joints that we have and so many times ignored. A key point to treat almost every time.


If go to the gym, run or do any other type of exercise i can help you to perform better and solve some of your limitations.


Normally they can be confusing and complicated to understand. When they are not possible to solve they can be minimized and give you a better quality of life.

I use all types of manual techniques mainly manipulative, fascial, visceral and cranial.

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